About Us

Dr. Richard Needle, Ph.D

Dr. Needle has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Emory University and a Master's and Doctorate in Nutrition from the American College of Holistic Health. He has taught Nutrition at Emory Senior University. In the early 90's he was the famous Southeastern Juice Man.

He has been a guest on numerous health related radio and television programs around the country and conducts his own seminars on nutrition and health.

Dr. Needle and his wife, Jackie are the founders of Anti-Aging Plus, a company dedicated to providing highly effective, nutritional supplements from completely natural food sources.

"I've made a career of seeking out nutritional products that are safe and effective for my patients and myself to feel better, look better, and reverse the aging process. Each discovery has made a profound difference. People think I am fifteen years younger than I am, and I feel twenty years younger! It's very exciting to have all the energy I have now. Plus, my energy is more balanced. As an example, when I go to bed at night, I sleep more soundly."

Credentials and Private Practice

There are three basic types of healing:

  1. Traditional Medicine
  2. Treating Symptoms with Drugs and Surgery
  3. Alternative Healing (also treat symptoms using natural substances)

My program removes causes rather than treating symptoms. I work with an individual's genetics. It's customized for YOUR specific genetics. Call for a FREE Initial Consultation.

Jackie's Story

My Nutritional journey started many years ago with my introduction to the Weight Watchers program. I became a Weight Watchers leader. I have for as long as I can remember, been interested in health, weight loss and nutrition. When I was in the eighth grade, I was the heaviest girl in the class at a "whopping" 125 lbs.

I have always been a big reader of health books, but until I met and started studying with Dr. Needle, I did not realize that my study was not on the correct path.

I thought my health was good until several years ago my granddaughter, Leah asked me, "Nana, why do you say uh, uh, uh all the time" I didn't know that I did this, and after Leah left I went to Dr. Needle and asked him if I said uh, uh, uh all the time, and when he said yes, and more when I was on the phone I was devastated by this knowledge. This discovery was early on our path to perfect health. After this, Dr. Needle increased his search for the "Perfect Health Supplements" for us and our patients.

Dr. Needle has an affirmation that he says all the time. It is: "Infinite spirit or G-D open the way for perfect health for Jackie and Dick Needle and all our patients. May this now manifest under grace in a perfect way..."

It was not long before we had our Anti-Aging Plus Noni supplement. Then came the Royal Jelly, then Colloidal Minerals, and last but not least our Water Plus energy water concentrate. Dr. Needle found these supplements by putting his hand in front of the computer on a certain product and would Dowse if this product was right for us and all our patients, and if the product had a "Life Force" in it.

There are products labeled Noni, Royal Jelly and Colloidal Minerals in stores and internet, but they do not have the "Life Force" in these products. That is why our products work so well for our patients. Without a "Life Force", the products will just pass through you or worse, sit in your stomach, undigested!

When we started with our program with the BluePrint Eating Plan and our supplements, I was a very sick woman. I had the start of dementia, my Cholesterol was over 300, and my Triglycerides were high. I had arthritis in both knees - my energy level was so low that I had to take a nap everyday around 4 o'clock. My Thyroid was out of balance, and I would wet myself when I laughed hard or sneezed!

Now, I am incredibly healthy! Last year, at age 70, I passed a physical for a life insurance policy at the "Preferred Plus" basis. The "Preferred Plus" basis is not offered to people in general and especially not to people who are 70 years young! This is unheard of and it says it all about our program! I do not have great genetics. My father died at age 70 and my mom was only 82. My REAL age inside is in my 30's. We have a Centenarian Club and those who take our program and continue with the Blue Print Eating Plan and our Supplements, will also be in the Centenarian Club, and also be so healthy!

It is so wonderful to be leading such an active life in my 70's and to know it is going to continue into my 80's, 90's and 100's! You can have all the money in the world, but if you don't have your health, you don't really have anything! Most of our friends have Cancer or some other disease and illness. They don't know how to eat for their particular genetics or which supplements, if they take them, are right for them to take, they have not heard about Lectins and think their doctors know what is best.

Dr. Needle and I will age together and see our grandchildren go to college, marry and have children of their own. We look forward to working together for many years to come. It is so exciting to see our patients regain their health. Everyone that Dr. Needle works with gets better! He has been given such an incredible G-D given gift!!

We want to spread the word about our practice and help hundreds of people get well!