Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Needle, what makes your practice different from other Doctors?
In my practice, I work with genetics. I REMOVE THE CAUSES OF SICKNESS AND DISEASE, I don't really threat symptoms! There are medical doctors who threat symptoms with drugs and surgery, and alternative doctors, herbalists, etc. who treat symptoms with natural substances, but NOT for the individual's genetics.
How do you accomplish this for your clients?
I provide the right foods and supplements for the specific genetics of the patient, and instead of treating symptoms, I remove the causes, and the body HEALS ITSELF!
What causes disease in the human body?
The #1 cause of sickness and disease is eating the wrong foods for the individual genetics of the person. The second leading cause is not having the right nutrients for the individual's genetics. The 3rd leading cause is body toxicity.
Do I need to come to your office?
No, I work by phone with people from all over the world! Simply call 770-612-3400 or 1-800-653-1056 for a FREE Health Evaluation!