Actual testimonials

Here are a few of the letters from people just like you, looking for an all-natural way to improved health and nutritional well being with non-prescription nutritional supplements. Because their individual results were so remarkable, they sent us their stories to share.

Hello Dr. Needle.

I hope you and Jackie are well. I have been sneezing and i am worrying that my wheat intolerance has come back. Can you please find out if it has if you have the time? I hope all is well with you. Thank you for saving my life. Give yourself and Jackie a big hug for me and have a great day.

Lots of love,
Kira davidson

Dr. Needle,

after I spoke with you, I stopped taking the meds, started the Lechithin you recommended, stopped eating meat/chicken/turkey, eat protein twice daily (eggs/fish), added complex carbs and am feeling pretty darned good. I am not having as many hot flashes as I had been experiencing.
Once again, I am tremendously grateful for you and Jackie.
Thank you,

Hello Dr. Dick Needle

I must first say that today's visit was absolutely eternally uplifting. I am so very thankful for you and Jackie!

I must have been so excited, I neglected to write down the directions for the colloidal minerals, would you be so kind to write back with the instructions.

Also would you dowse, my GI doctor wants me to take a CT SCAN on this Tuesday would this be beneficial for me.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Dear Dr. Needle,

I write to express my gratitude to you for helping me turn my life and health around in ways I never expected or thought possible. I wish to offer my testimonial in the hope that my story will help others who are suffering needlessly.

When I first contacted you in November 2007, I was a little skeptical and had a lot of questions, despite the fact that I was referred to you by someone you have helped tremendously.

Please feel free to provide my contact information to anyone who would like to discuss how I have benefited from your program. I would be happy to share my progress and encourage others. Your program works.

Cheers to wonderful health!

Dear Dr. Needle,

I've been taking the Anti-Aging Plus products for three years now and they make a huge difference in how I feel. I'm writing this now because you recently upgraded the Colloidal Minerals. I no longer need the other product I had been taking for hormonal balance and getting to sleep

One of the things I really appreciate about Dr. Needle is that he'll search for the right product for my body whether it's one that he sells or not.. Both he and Jackie have been wonderfully supportive and gracious to me through some very difficult times, and I highly recommend their products and services.

Robin W
Atlanta, GA

Dear Dr. Needle,

Two years ago I found out I had osteoporosis. My doctor wanted me to go on medication. I was told I had bones of a 90 year old woman. I was 49 years old.

A co-worker had told me about you. I was desperate as I refused to take the drugs my doctor recommended for it. At this point my medical doctor wanted me to start the injections.

I have been on your program for a year now. I just had my 2nd dexa scan. The results were phenomenal. The osteoporosis has stopped it's progression in my spine. The disease has not only stopped but improved in my hips...
Julie R.

Dear Dr. Needle,

I am writing this testimony to let you know how you and Anti-Aging Plus has changed my life!
You alerted me to foods that were not good for my body. Wouldn't you know it...some of my favorite foods! However, I love life and I was willing to follow your instruction.

Dr. Needle, you and your lovely wife Jackie have been so supportive during my healing journey! Thank you so much.

Heidi, Georgia

I met Dr. Needle a couple of years ago. I was suffering from immense confusion and anxiety. I was intrigued when Dr. Needle began dowsing and telling me about myself. When he told me that I had early cancer cells appearing in my breasts, I did not want to believe it. I am now grateful for the wake up call. He dowsed all the supplements I was buying and told me that they were not benefiting me.

Now, I am completely cured of cancer and I am feeling better and better every day. I am able to remember things, to speak clearly and up to tempo, whereas, before, I was so overwhelmed with depression, and I spoke very slowly.

Thank you Dr. Needle!

Thank you! I have been thinking of you and what wonderful healing gifts you both give me. I hope all is well with you. I will always love you for taking such good care of me. I'm grateful for my stability here in Atlanta - I'm very blessed to have such high quality friends as you two.

Have a wonderful day!
Atlanta, GA

Hi Guys, I just ran out of my monthly vitamins and I'm going to be in the area tomorrow morning (biking). Could you possibly leave them on your front door and I will pick them up around 11ish tomorrow morning?

I feel GREAT!!!
Atlanta, GA

Hi Dick, I'm happy to report that I feel great! I'm getting low on supplements. Will you please send me the Collodial Minerals, Noni and Royal Jelly. Thanks so much!


Dr. Needle, My energy level has noticeably improved, beginning about 2 days after I started taking the water and vitamins. I'll have more to report later.

Decatur, GA

Hi Dr. Needle!

I just wanted to give a quick follow-up on my progress so far. All seems to be going just great! My energy levels are getting better - as I've noted that I sleep much deeper than in the past
Enjoy your Sunday - and 'thank you' once again!


Hi Dr. Needle,

……I have enjoyed improved health with no colds and improved immunity to contagious diseases. Aches and pains have improved with joints being more flexible. In general, I have had improved health and increased energy.

Mary K, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Needle,

I suffered menstrual cramp for 6 years and suffered IBS for 8 years. Acid reflux, heartburn, and nausea are stopped.

Beth A.

Dear Dr. Needle,

I am so very pleased with your Noni capsules that I had to write my experiences.

I can wholeheartedly say that in the thirty years I have taken supplementation I have not had such immediate results and obvious benefits as from the freeze dried Noni capsules that you have sourced.
Keep up the good work and Thank You

T.E. Pearl, Palm Beach, FL

Dr. Needle,

This is my report. After 3-1/2 months I had a physical. Cholesterol was not changed. Blood pressure was greatly improved and the doctor reduced the prescription in half. I'll keep you posted.

I developed Carpel Tunnel over the past year or so and was ready for surgery. I tried the suggested trio of supplements and after three days of taking the Noni, Royal Jelly, and Colloidal Minerals, I no longer had problems with using my arm. I've not had surgery and continue to use my arm as normal.

Rhea H., USA

The Complete Trio of supplements from Anti-Aging Plus is the greatest! It helped improve my gums, the dead skin on my feet, my arthritis, my blood pressure, my kids ADHD and my way of life!

Patricia J., Canada
April 21, 2003

Wow, Anti-Aging Plus Complete Trio of nutritional supplements are a miracle for me. I've had lupus for 11 years. I was diagnosed at age 20; I am now 32 years old. It wasn't until I started taking the Complete Trio that my symptoms were gone. I'm actually living without pain and the fear of it. I have more energy than ever, and I'm able to do more with my family than I was able to do before. Thank you God for Anti-Aging Plus you are in my life forever. If you have Lupus I suggest you try them. Now I look forward to being here to see my children grow and their children as well!

Kisha J., USA
March 2, 2003

Dear Dr. Needle,

My husband, my 10-year-old son, and 20-year-old daughter have all struggled with A.D.D. throughout their lives. My husband was diagnosed with A.D.D. as an adult, 6 years ago, and was prescribed Ritalin...which he felt really helped him focus and "stay on task" but made him feel weird. He decided to struggle alone without drugs. Home schooling enabled our A.D.D. children to succeed despite delayed reading and short attention spans. However moodiness and low self-esteem were hard to deal with. After introducing the line of Anti-Aging Plus natural supplements to our family, moods evened out, and better sleep patterns were established. Our son was able to accept correction without rage or tears, and my husband was able to complete a long-term project necessary to retain his teaching position. We are SO GLAD to have found this wonderful natural alternative with NO SIDE EFFECTS!

Joan H., USA
May 7, 2002

I had an increase in bone density, and I am 99% pain-free from taking the Anti-Aging Plus Complete Trio. No medications taken for osteoporosis. Also, no sinus infections or allergies. What a miracle product.

Barb K., USA

Three years ago, I was struggling with my health. I had a number of things wrong: high blood pressure, arthritis, thyroid, and fatigue problems. I began Anti-Aging Plus twice a day. After approximately two months, I began to notice my energy level had increased. My tiredness disappeared, my blood pressure stabilized from 148/98 to 120/70. Lastly, I don't have any thyroid problems anymore. My doctor confirmed all. I recommended this product to any and everyone I meet.

Heather I., Canada