Allergy and Asthma:

A Guide to Symptoms and Treatments

Dr. Needle discusses his personal experience tackling respiratory ailments. He stresses the importance of not utilizing drugs which only serve to mask the root causes. A homeopathic, natural approach to solving the core issues is required and guaranteed to alleviate symptoms.

Dr. Needle’s uniquely holistic approach takes the entire function of the human body into consideration. As he explains in the video below, all bodily functions are interrelated and ultimately responsible for our ailments. The cause of any illness, including allergies and asthma can be found anywhere from the bottom of your feet to the tips of your toes. This is why it is vital that the entire body is treated; not just the single area at hand.

By taking natural supplements, eating the right foods, and getting off the drugs which eventually create harm, you can heal yourself.

Allergy and Asthma can disappear once the root cause if found and eradicated. There is no need for drugs or surgery. The human body is a remarkable machine and if fed correctly with food and natural supplements, will cure itself. Find out how by clicking here!



Understanding you can cure Asthma and Bronchitis and the Causes

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Slide <Asthma and Bronchiole problems cured. Allows healing of the lungs.>

Interviewer: - Your programme can cure or stop Asthma?

Dr. R. Needle: - Yes. Bronchiole problems, I have a grandson with asthma and he said he calls me Dickie, umm Dickie do you have something for my asthma? I say, yes, yes I do, you are a young teenager are you going to take my programme and follow it? I don’t think he’s quite ready for that, but if you are adult and you are having the right food, the right water, the right supplements for your specific blueprint, your genetics. I am an ex smoker Jackie, I smoked 23 years; 2 -3 packs of cigarettes a day. It’s a wonder I am sitting here today on this video. With Gods guidance and my guardian angels I have been led to this type of work and discovering later in life, I am now 73, the healing that has taken place in my own body, I had bronchitis twice a year I would come down with it, you know people stop smoking but the injuries to the lungs don’t go away unless you are healing with a programme like it is presented in my book.

< (slide) ‘First remove the causes of sickness and disease’ Medical doctors treat the symptoms with drugs and surgery.>

Interviewer: - Dr Needle, what are the differences between other healers, and what you do?

Dr. R. Needle: - First of all, we are all familiar with our regular traditional medicine, the medical doctor and they are treating symptoms of the patients. Secondly, are alternative healers and alternative healers are using natural substances and they are also treating the symptoms of their patients, the alternative medical doctors such as naturopathic physicians, alternative chiropractors and nutritionists. What my programme does is not treat anybody’s symptoms, I am removing the causes.

Interviewer: - How do you remove the causes of sickness and disease?

Dr. R. Needle: - I’m bringing a balance to that patient’s body, for its specific genetics. It is done with a five hundred food-eating plan, it is not a diet, and it explains, it goes over what foods are causing sickness and disease in the body, and those that are healthy.
For that specific blueprint: - of that particular patient. Number two, I am bringing the right nutritional supplements, I have yet to have a patient come to me that brings me their supplements, and by the way, you don’t have to come to me in Atlanta, Georgia, I work all over the world, by phone. Most of my work is by phone.

I am using the blueprint of that individual and getting the right combinations and the absorption and assimilation of nutrients that is basically non existent. People are guessing and they are experimenting because that’s all that’s out there.My programme gives this alternative which really, really helps given the right water. People have no idea what’s right, we cover that as well.

Interviewer: - When you are talking about ‘Blueprint’, are you talking about genetics? How does that work?

Dr. R. Needle: - Everyone has a specific DNA and a genetic build up. No one is the same. One size, never, never, never fits all and so I am working through an ancient art that I use, called Dowsing, with a pendulum. I have been given a gift from God to be able to bring in this information; it is expressed through the vibration. It’s vibrational medicine; it’s another name that you can call it.

Interviewer: - Why are your supplements different than those at Health food stores or on the internet?

Dr. R. Needle: - I spent 2 years going around the world to find, first of all the integrity of that particular manufacturer and do they produce, what they say they are going to produce, which is on the labels. It took 2 years to put my supplements together. It is Phyto-nutrient therapy, when you take a multi vitamin therapy and put it into your body. You are putting isolated synthetic chemicals, and they don’t work. The body doesn’t look at that as whole food. Phyto-nutrient or plant nutrient therapy that I use has the whole food intact and so it will safely excrete what it doesn’t need, which even the natural multi vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants which people have been taking, they have been taken out from nature. Therefore they are not going to bring the highest level of operational healing which my particular programme offers.

Interviewer: - Do you pick up sickness and disease earlier than modern medicine?

Dr. R. Needle:- Absolutely, through this ancient art of dowsing, I am able to pick up sickness and disease way before modern medicines techniques, machines. It is so exciting because, the good news is that I am picking up something so early that we can either reverse it or stop it in its tracks.


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